Shoulder Arthritis

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Rotator cuff tear

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Recurrent shoulder dislocation

Anterior Dislocated Shoulder Treatment – What is the treatment ahead?

Being the most mobile joint in the body, the shoulder has more degree of freedom than any other joint of the body. But, this advantage also proves to be a disadvantage that makes the shoulder an easy joint to dislocate. The most common type of dislocation is the anterior shoulder dislocation. It usually results from forced abduction (shift away from position), external rotation and extension in the shoulder..... Read More

Out of Place – Guide to Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

Have experienced these symptoms of late?

  • Pain caused by shoulder injury
  • Repeated shoulder dislocations
  • Repeated instances of the shoulder giving out
  • The shoulder persistently starts feeling loose, slipping in and out of the joint
the answer is yes to any of these factors, consider visiting a shoulder surgeon / specialist...... Read More

Recurrent Dislocation of Shoulder - Bankart repair versus Latarjet procedure (Coracoid transfer) which is better for patient?

The debate for the best shoulder pain treatment and recurrent dislocated shoulder treatment rests largely between the two procedures in the headline. Bankart repair consists of soft tissue capsulo-labral repair and Latarjet involves osteotomizing (cutting) the vertical half of the coracoid bone and fixing it on anterior glenoid surface. Since I have worked both in France and US, I‘ve had the good fortune of witnessing the debate on both sides very closely. ....... Read More

French Solution (Latarjet procedure) is Perfect for Shoulder Dislocations / Instability!

A Young guy who is troubled by repeated dislocation shoulder treatment - his shoulder gets dislocated while playing sports or even while taking a shower.etc.... Read More


Shoulder Fracture

Shoulder fractures in an elderly age group – How to treat?

Most of the minimally displaced proximal humerus fractures in people > 65 years age will unite uneventfully ant the outcomes will be good. However sometimes these fractures are moderately to severely displace and may be accompanied with a head dislocation. The bone of contention is the highly comminuted and displaced fractures, which pose a significant challenge for the treating physician..... Read More

Non-unions of proximal humerus fracture? How about a reverse?

What are the available options for someone who had a fracture of proximal shoulder, which hasn’t united? One, he has a painful shoulder and 2nd he has limited motion. Mostly this will be found in old individuals with a poor bone stock, which was a contributory factor to non-union in the first place. A traditional approach which fails very often would be to attempt refixation with bone grafting. However this may not result in union of the fracture besides giving him a very stiff shoulder..... Read More


Frozen Shoulder Blog

Injecting steroids in the Shoulder

Steroids are often spoken of, in a rather dismissive tone, given its bad reputation for causing serious side effects. However, local application of steroids especially local / regional injections of steroid are one of the best blessings of the medicine world. For e.g. local bursitis or inflammation in the shoulder may take days to respond to rest, cold fomentation or medicines, but one local injection of the steroid in the shoulder gives you instant relief.... Read More

Does frozen shoulder causes depression or it’s the other way round?

Imagine having pain in your shoulder in every daily activity of your life like washing, wearing clothes, trying to lift an object, drinking tea etc. This is a typical complaint of a frozen shoulder patient. Another big problem is the disturbed sleep due to pain which decreases the quality of life while the patient spends the rest of his day, exhausted and tired..... Read More

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis

There is nothing frozen inside or outside the shoulder. In fact it may just be the opposite. The tissues may be inflamed to some extent for some time period. Codman coined the term “frozen shoulder” in 1934. However, now it is loosely applied to any misunderstood painful condition of the shoulder. Scientifically speaking, frozen shoulder, also known, as adhesive capsulitis ...... Read More

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis

After an exciting win, an Indian cricket fan’s adrenaline levels can be judged by how frantically they move their legs and shoulders in sync to the screams of joy. But as time passes by, age catches up. Cricketers retire to move into commentary boxes and the once energetic fans suffice their craze by good ole clapping. A quick switch to the news and we hear another athlete undergo surgery, while the swift urge to change channels made the shoulder scream in pain....... Read More