Its now been proved & published beyond doubt: LATARJET surgery is the BEST surgery for unstable shoulder

Written by 10 Mar,2017

The biggest series of patients from Zurich published in the top ranked journal of orthopaedics (JBJS) proves beyond doubt that Latarjet is clearly the surgery of choice and much more superior to Arthroscopic bankart repair for treatment of anterior recurrent dislocation of shoulder.

People have been arguing back and forth in favor of arthroscopic bankart repair, while secretly accepting it has a high failure rate. The simplicity and the arthroscopy nature of the surgery make it an attractive choice for the treating physician, while at the same time it is prone to high chances of failure.

This biggest series of patients by Prof Gerber who is one of the most respected and top-notched shoulder surgeons of Europe says that arthroscopic bankart repair has a recurrence and failure rate of 30% which is quite unacceptable. Latarjet surgery on the other hand has a very low failure rate of only 3%.

Other advantages of latarjet are that the patient returns to normal activity in as less as 2-3 weeks after the surgery while after bankart repair it may take 6-8 weeks. The authors followed up their patients for a period of 10 years and found that as the follow up increased the failure rate of bankart repair also increased. Follow ups of latarjet surgery, however, did not show this trend and had very few failures on follow up.

My own series of approximately 100 latarjetpatients has shown excellent outcomes with no failures. The surgery also costs much less as compared to bankart repair. It’s actually a French procedure started by Michele Latarjetin 1954 and improved and popularized by Giles Walch from Lyon who is one of the geniuses in the world of shoulder surgery. The surgery involves cutting the coracoid at its base and transferring it along with the conjoint tendon through the subscapularismuscle and fixing it on medial glenoid neck with the help of two malleolar screws. Latarjet is also the treatment of choice in high demand contact athletes as their shoulders face higher stresses during contact sports.

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Dr Dipit Sahu

Dr Dipit Sahu is a Shoulder Surgeon and also a founder of the Mumbai Shoulder Institute in Mumbai.


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