French Solution (Latarjet procedure) is Perfect for Shoulder Dislocations / Instability!

26 Oct,2013

Consider this:full arm elevation, 4 weeks after Latarjet procedure for unstable shoulder

A Young guy who is troubled by repeated dislocation shoulder treatment - his shoulder gets dislocated while playing sports or even while taking a shower.etc.

An athlete /cricket player /volleyball player who depends on his overhead shoulder movements for their sporting activity which is so essential for his daily life, but repeated shoulder subluxation makes all of the above impossible.An ordinary Mumbai local train commuter, whose shoulder and hands are used extensively to hold on or catch the train, bus etc. for commuting, but cannot do so anymore because his shoulder dislocates each time he tries to use his shoulder.

All these troubled young souls want only one thing- to get shoulder dislocation treatment and get rid of instability- to get on with their normal lives without any fear of impending dislocation. The "Latarjet procedure" in which a part of the coracoid along with the conjoint tendon is transferred to the glenoid, is the best procedure for solving this problem. One might ask - why is it the best? It has a reported recurrence of less than 1 % (yes that’s true!!!). Dr.Gilles Walch in France, who has done more than 2600 latarjet procedures, is the pioneer of this procedure in the modern world..


The best testament which will attest to the fact that latarjet procedure is one of the finest procedure in shoulder surgery is the Xray (see fig 1)of a patient who underwent this procedure 50 years ago by Dr latarjet himself and still has not had any recurrence even after 50 years of follow up- can you beat that?

Shoulder Xray 50 years after Latarjet procedure


There are 4 names to be remembered when we talk of the "latarjet procedure". Dr Michele Latarjet – who did this procedure for the first time in 1954, Dr. Didier Patte who further improved on this procedure, Dr. Gilles Walch who taught the world how to do this procedure and who has the maximum experience in the current world and lastly Dr. Laurent Lafosse –who was the first surgeon to perform this procedure entirely through Arthroscopy.


Which other treatment for shoulder instability will allow the patient to return to full arm elevation and no feeling of instability as early as 4 weeks after surgery and daily activities after 6 weeks? (see picture figure 2). My personal experience with this procedure, both Arthroscopic and Open Latarjet has been excellent and people have gone back to playing sports at the same pre-injury level as early as 2-3 months. Why would people then offer any other procedure to the patients of recurrent dislocation, if results are all that matters?



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  • Pushkin posted by Pushkin 27 Oct,2013

    Congragulations to Dipit Sahu for improving the methods of surgery of shoulder pains in a revolutionary way."

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